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Triple-A S: Advancing Science, Serving Society

Clear Language, Clear Science

Welcome to The Science Inside Blog. This blog is devoted to the idea of making science easy to understand for everybody. Since this covers a lot of ground, we’ll begin by looking back at some of the work we’ve done over the years in The Science Inside and other projects. We’ll also be bringing you the contributions of other writers, scientists, and educators who share our goals.

We will be talking a lot about literacy—many different kinds of literacy. And we will be looking closely at how the way information is communicated contributes or detracts from understanding.

Some of the topics we will address in future blog posts include the following:

  • How to maintain an adult point of view while using plain language, by using everyday analogies with adult connotations
  • How to link complex ideas to concrete examples
  • How to convey and communicate a passion for science to the general public
  • How to be sensitive to the culture diverse audiences by avoiding language that demonstrates cultural, gender, or class bias
  • How to assess the need for the type of material you plan to develop
  • How to determine the best the context in which the reader will encounter the material
  • How to avoid jargon by using scientific terminology only where necessary and defining each term well when first used
  • How to write clearly by avoiding complicated or long sentences and using active verbs
  • How to test materials for readability
  • How to provide for ample review for science accuracy and for language appropriateness, including when and how to pre-test materials with target audiences
  • How to engage communities and identify and reach out to community groups (libraries, senior citizens, faith-based groups, museums)