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Triple-A S: Advancing Science, Serving Society

Science and Clear Language

Science and technological advances are almost seamlessly woven into the fabric of our lives. As our lives become more dependent upon science and technology–a basic understanding has become requirements for most careers.

Yet there is a cultural knowledge gap between the scientific community and the public at large. People understand that science and technology have brought into their lives things that are powerful, wonderful, exciting, life-saving, and maybe even dangerous; but they are confused about fundamental concepts such as risk and probability and by scientific studies that might seem to the casual observer to contradict one another.

So how do you tell the story of science to a public that may be unaware of how science is done or how you come to know something in science? We hope to help equip you for this task by providing communication strategies and tools, including the following:

The Science Inside Blog

Writing Tips from the Healthy People Library Project


Sharing Science with the Public

Communicating Science a Focus of AAAS Career Workshops