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Writing to Readers’ Needs

By Kristina Anderson Previously I talked about the process of putting together a first draft. Next, I’ll talk about how I weighed all the feedback we got on the first drafts. Some of it was conflicting and negative, which was good, but it made the final writing really challenging. I had to meet the needs […]

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Clear Language, Clear Science

Welcome to The Science Inside Blog. This blog is devoted to the idea of making science easy to understand for everybody. Since this covers a lot of ground, we’ll begin by looking back at some of the work we’ve done over the years in The Science Inside and other projects. We’ll also be bringing you […]

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Writing That First Draft

by Kristina Anderson The idea behind writing the three booklets on healthy pregnancy started with a larger book from AAAS titled “The Science of Having a Health Baby” (please insert correct name of booklet. I couldn’t remember what it was.) This 80-page book was designed to reach the average reader and was targeted to an […]

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Writing in Plain Language

by Kristina Anderson Years ago I had a job in a public hospital helping patients find easy-to-read health information on the Internet. Many of these patients were homeless, low income, elderly, or not computer savvy. If they found a health handout on their own, it was often too complicated for them to understand. But today, […]

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