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Triple-A S: Advancing Science, Serving Society


We thank all of those who helped to make these materials available:

  • The Heinz Endowments, for funding the project;
  • Kristina Anderson of EasyRead Copywriting, for doing such a fine job with the writing and rewriting of the booklets;
  • Dr. Irene Frederick of East Liberty Family Health Care Center; Kathy McGrath and Pamela Wilson of The Birth Circle, of East Liberty Family Health Care Center and Metro Family Practice, Inc.; and Diana Chiaverini, RN, of Magee-Womens Hospital, for reviewing our health booklet manuscripts;
  • Cori Hill, Margaret Johnson, Richard Dixon, Angela M. Payne, Jayda Payne-Dixon, Adelaide Gans, Pamela Wilson, and Irene Frederick for letting us take the pictures especially for this project;
  • Carmen Clark, for use of her photo in the banner of this website;
  • Fred P. Kenderson Photography, for taking some wonderful shots of Pittsburgh families, including the one on this page; and
  • The Birth Circle and Healthy Start, Inc., for giving us feedback on early versions of our health booklets